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Objective: Maximization of the return with the lowest associated risk.


For you, who see a property as an investment, PCALE has created a dedicated service. As a result of our specialization in the area, we propose a differentiated treatment, in which our main objective goes along with yours: maximization of the return with the lowest risk associated.

Investment in real estate remains one of the safest. Under normal market conditions, the rates of return (YIELDS) offered by the rental of a property tend to be quite attractive, even after deducting taxes on wealth. With PCALE, the potential of this type of investment is amplified by a network of complementary services that allow to make the business more solid and robust: market research, property research, architectural projects, engineering and specialties, execution of construction or rehabilitation works (when necessary), supervision, management of the marketing or leasing process, as well as their communication and marketing plans.

We follow all phases of your business and work to optimize the useful life of your property.


PCALE help you find the right property based on your requirements and investment expectations.


PCALE deals with all the bureaucracy inherent to the property acquisition process.

Construction Work

PCALE has a team ready to respond to a property rehabilitation needs.


PCALE supports you in the decoration of the space taking into account the purpose of the property.


PCALE manages the property taking into account the personal expectation and profitability of the investor.


PCALE provides a full service, supporting the investor in order to obtain maximum profitability.